Cambras Technologies services the Concentrated Solar Power industry with novel designs for parabolic trough technology and with a wide array of services and follow-up (or maintenance) solutions. Our own experiences in the installation of such power plants and its on-going operation has given us deep insights into such critical operational fields like automation control, driving systems, process heat circuits, mirror construction and, as probably our finest piece of innovative and patented technologies, an optical tracking system of unrivaled accuracy and reliability.

Automation control & tracking

LOC/Switch cabinet
Automation Control (Qatar)
Cambras ATS & ATS OP IN

Design & installation of a parabolic trough

Mirror Installation with Underconstruction (Australia)
Installation of a substructure (Qatar)
Installation Underconstruction (Qatar)
Mirror assembly (Qatar)
Mirror Assemby (Qatar)
Mirror installation with substructure (Australia)

Process heat circuit

Design and Layout
Design and layout
Assembling in Germany
ConstruOperation on Site (Qatar)ction
Operation on site (Qatar)