HTF Temperature Control

The HTF Temperature Control System’s superior performance results from an significantly more flexible control mechanism of the collector compared to existing systems and by this resolves the issues of different oil temperatures flowing in the return line to the power block.

Today, conventional collector management is binary; either fully focused or defocused. In times of high radiation, when the solar field produces more energy than the turbine and storage can handle, many loops defocus causing a domino effect. If for instance 20% of the solar field defocus and produce a temperature of only 300°C while the rest of the field produces at 400°C, the mixed oil temperature running back to the power block is e.g. 380°C. A 20°C deviation from the ideal temperature of 400°C has drastic consequences: the plant produces at approximately 60% of its nominal power.

Cambras technical approach is based on the interaction of two components: the collector management is not binary but covers multiple steps between full focus and defocus. The Optical Tracking System guides the trough to the perfect focus status in a continuous feedback cycle and thus ensures that the oil temperature in the loops never diverges significantly from the ideal operational temperature of 400°C.

Temperature Control System
Vorschaubild Oil Temperature Control System