Industrial Ethernet

Industrial ETHERNET – for tracking technology made by CAMBRAS of course: you can build on the speed and reliability of these fieldbuses in centralized as well as decentralized installation topologies. Optional our Software and Sensor architecture in combination with Industrial ETHERNET generates sustainable and large benefits for the customer. It’s reducing or erase the high Licence costs for the standard industrial bus systems / protocols as PROFINET or other Bus Systems (Of course we support also this systems).

The high transmission rate of Industrial ETHERNET is just one reason for the widespread use of this medium.

Industrial ETHERNET ensures vertical data communication to the control level with high bandwidth as well as horizontal process data communication between the MCC Main Control Center, the ATC Active Tracking Controller, the ATS Active Tracking Sensor and the applications and services. Industrial ETHERNET: the communications link between actuators, sensors and control technology. The protocols of Industrial Ethernet differ in terms of the application protocols and real time properties. We advise the direct Database Connection

Industrial Ethernet also enables you to use safe IT technologies that everybody knows. It is also indispensable for achieving quick and efficient startups and for ensuring ongoing operation of the solar field.

Our comprehensive offering for process data communication within Active Tracking Technology complements this capability perfectly. Be sure to use the quick and safe communication with our Sensors and Controller technology and fieldbus systems based on Industrial ETHERNET in your power plant.

One cable - numerous possibilities