Industrial Network / It Technology

The industrial network connects all software and hardware components allowing for a seamless data exchange between the operational center and the local solar field. The selection of the right technology makes a distinct difference during the daily management and performance of the plant. Additionally, it can increase the security of the plant’s physical environment and cyberspace. Our software solution leads to less data traffic, concentrating on the essentials and permitting faster reaction times of the components in the solar field. It is minimizing the risk of overwhelming flood of data, often causing more confusion than transparency.

We believe in a comprehensive approach and offer the whole spectrum of IT technology and services. These are ranging from strategic consulting for the design of the network topology, the VLAN strategy and security concept, to hands-on hardware support (i.e. wiring, switchers and routers, etc.). We also team-up with power plants local IT provider, helping to implement a safe and robust connectivity between all parts of the network.

In case an existing network requires improvements in specific areas Tracsmart can single out these affected components and make a substitute with hardware or software components best fitting the existing IT structure.

Industrial Network Graphic
Industrial Network/IT Technology