Optical Sensor

This proven technology is the outcome of years of engineering and installation of parabolic troughs and is meant to minimize main shortcomings of standard PV shadow sensors. Cambras Optical Tracking Sensor is presently in the certification process with the DLR (‘Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt’).

The Optical Tracking Sensor installed at the SCA works with unrivaled tracking accuracy, which in itself leads to an overall performance increase as well as higher yield at CSP plants. In addition it plays a critical role within the complex dynamics of HTF Temperature Control, is easy to install, does not require special skills and allows a fast commissioning.

Performance also has to be measured against the reliability and resilience within rough climate situations. Here again, Cambras Optical Tracking Sensor scores against existing sensitive and fragile PV cell systems, which often provide inaccurate process analysis and are incident-prone. In contrast, Cambras employs a sturdy and reliable camera and software solution, processing the pictures of the shadow of the tube and determining the analysis and adjustments of the collector.

The approach is compelling and its simplicity allows for a seamless and flexible integration into the customers’ automation infrastructure at a considerably lower price and longer lifespan than existing PV cell systems.