Parabolic Power Plant Tracking

Cambras patented and proven technology combined with our services optimize the performance of a CSP parabolic trough plant at many levels, reducing the operating cost and resulting in a higher yield and an estimated return-on-investment within one or two years after implementation.

Our product range supports all general interfaces and can be customized to suit each customer’s individual application and automation standard:

  • The Optical Tracking Sensor and Software is the core of the system, tracking the sun with unrivaled accuracy and reliability;
  • The thermal balancing solves main problems encountered with the management of heat transfer fluid temperatures;
  • The reliable Automation and Safety Control is located in the switch cabinet and built entirely from standardized components guaranteeing a care-free spare part management and sustainable operations.
  • The Industrial Network connects all software and hardware components, allowing a seamless data exchange between the operational center and the local solar field.
  • Industry 4.0 is turning a solar field into a smart power plant.