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Slide CURRENT TECHNOLOGY Cambras active tracking system
The weak spot in CSP design lies in the thermal imbalance between loops. Fluctuations of +-10ºC and more have diminishing effects on the mixed temperature, on the equipment and, of course, on revenues.

Active Tracking solves this problem on many levels. A high performance optical sensor and a powerful algorithm continuously fine-tune the entire solar field, down to the individual reflector. While Passive Tracking follows calculated sun positions, for better or for worse, Active Tracking reacts immediately to a new situation and keeps each loop‘s temp in check. That brings the mixed temp within a +-2ºC bracket, a new benchmark in Thermal Balance and CSP design.
Thermal Balance

Slide 36 months
4 Weeks Installing ATS
in 1-4 Test Loops
4 Weeks 50 MW = 300 MD
5 fitter = 2 months
12 months Installation Operation Return
Implementation A STRONG BUSINESS PROPOSAL Smart technology that comes with a smart implementation and financial proposal. You have a grace period of over 15 Months before your first payment is due. Enough time to study the technology in operation and generate the first returns. In other words, it comes at no financial risk. The physical installation in parts or in toto is minimal invasive. Hardware and software can be phased in a plant in full operation with hardly any downtime.

Slide Our patented sensor delivers optical high resolution compared to the low-resolution PV cells. Unrivaled in accuracy and speed, it is the cornerstone of our technology. It delivers a stream of data to the central computer, the basis of a high resolution performance map of the entire plant. And it gives instant feedback to every change in configuration of the collectors. It‘s analytical skill extends even to the washing cycle of the mirrors. It reads precisly when a mirror needs cleaning, and analyses the nature of the dirt, organic or unorganic, to make sure the right detergent is brought to the task. The Optical Sensor The Optical Sensor

Slide The solar field is run by a powerful managing software based on the collection and analysis of Big Data. The feedback mechanism between sensor and control center gives us full control of the outlet temperature of every loop. With this we can fine-tune each collector for the optimum yield while keeping the overall thermal balance of the plant in mind. Cambras sets a new standard in CSP design with this technology, keeping the thermal balance inside +/-2º deviation from the ideal temperature. From the wealth of data we developed other helpful tools to run a CSP plant efficiently, like our Predictive Maintenance. Central Intelligence

Slide Here is a Local Controller that cuts its own numbers in half. Because only 2 and not the usual 4 are needed to manage a loop. Automation is integration into exisiting infrastructures. Which is why we deliver the controller with an open source software. Automation is reliability. Our LOC is built from standardized
components that can be trusted both in operation and supply lines around the world.

One look „behind the scenes“ should be enough of an endorsement of the Cambras way. The clutter of components looks like an invitation for failure, incompatibilities and spare part nightmares.
Automation is Efficiency

Strt „Equipment failure happens all the time. No wonder, in this rough climate. What can you do but wait and see“ Predictive Maintenance UP JUL AUG JUN Current Technology 6 loops go down within a couple of days: The bearings are worn out. Parts are ordered immediately... Wait and see Predictive Maintenance „Equipment failure happens all the time. No wonder, in this rough climate. What can you do but wait and see“ and then everything goes wrong. Shipping across two continents, lost and found and finally the local custom officer. DN JUL AUG JUN Predictive Maintenance The integration of Big Data anticipates events like this months earlier. Spare parts arrive within a couple of days. It is our design principle to source only from established manufactureres with a worldwide presence and short supply routes. Know and Act And when the bearings break as predicted it takes a couple of hours to repair them. warning MT JUL AUG JUN Downtime - A couple of weeks You do the math Downtime - A couple of hours

Slide Washing Mirrors In regular intervals teams work through the entire field washing every mirror. We found out how inefficient that is. Because mirrors that needed washing should have
gotten it much earlier to perform at a 100%. whereas mirrors that didn‘t really neded it, really didn‘t need it. We trust the keen eyes of our sensors to detect dust and dirt before it impedes the performance. It‘s analytical skills detect even the difference between organic and unorganic dirt so the right detergent is brought to the task
Washing Mirrors

Slide Industry 4.0 CAMBRAS fulfills the promise of industry 4.0 not just by name but with a host of intelligent services, constantly increasing efficiency, yield and the operational options of a CSP. Predictive Maintenance delivers day-to-day operational tools and far-sighted precautions based on our analysis of Big Data. Multiple power plant architecture allows an objective comparison between power plants.

CAMBRAS equips the LOCs with industrial PCs, one in every 8th LOC, thereby eliminating LPCs. Redundant programming of the automation layers – sensor (measurement), processing (IT), actors (drive) and interfaces (DCS) – enables every PC to take over a task from the next one, should that have a breakdown. The comparison between LPC and PC plays out significantly also when it comes to equipment upgrades. One CSP has to exchange every LPC out there, the other one manages it with a press of a button, an upgrade sent to all PC‘s in the plant.
A.I. and the Home Office

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